Achimatheos, the Boasts of Gods (The World Burns Series Book 1). A fantasy novel set in the Greek Dark Ages [1200 BC] where Troy has fallen to the Greeks, the Mycenaean Palaces are being sacked by Sea Peoples and one small village named Apeontesde on a bluff over the Marathon plain dares to fight back and claim to be a polis. The people of Apeontesde must balance the interests of gods who walk the earth, warriors coming home from Troy who have become mercenaries, a Doric people migrating south and the jealous eye of nearby Athens. Buy on Amazon.


Everything Is Engineering Now: Three Years of Software Engineering at Lifelock. This was written to be a kindle ebook but after having to enter tax identification numbers, etc; I lost interest in it being presented in that medium. Which is a shame as I love reading on the kindle. I worked as a Software Engineer between 2008 and 2011 at Lifelock in the period just before they went IPO. This is a day to day look at the engineering solutions, problems and fun that comes while working at a J2EE, SOA based company in the later stages of its startup phase.
Software Is A Social Activity: Three Years of Software Engineering at Ticketmaster. This is a long form essay of the first three years at Ticketmaster. It is intended as a follow on to the long form essay, "Everything is Engineering Now" that documented my three years at Lifelock. Ticketmaster had a new set of challenges; as a company they were doing a Big Bang project to replace a series of legacy systems and in the process were converting to scrum and a java stack. This essay expresses the challenges of a big investment made in new software and the changes that Ticketmaster made along the way as the world’ premiere ticketing system.
Short Essay on Phoenix. I have been fortunate enough to have grown up in Australia and in my later years to have worked my through a large part of the United States. During that time I become a citizen and have made my home in Phoenix. This is an attempt to understand the city and the state that I call my home and how it fits in with history, the country and the world.
Hiking In Phoenix. Phoenix is unique for having so many hikes within its city perimeters. The city of Phoenix stretches across a desert plain which is part of the Sonoran Desert. The city has North Mountain and South Mountain as it city edges along that axis and inside the city limits there is Piestewa Peak and Mount Camelback. There are smaller buttes around the city such as Papago Butte. To the North-East of Scottsdale is the McDowell Ranges and further east is the Lost Dutchman and Four Peaks. Consequently Phoenix is a very outdoor city with the city hikes being heavily walked and populated at all times.
Australian Flying Corps. In World War I Australia decided to create their own air arm; the Australian Flying Corps. It was part of the army and its first major goal was to support the Australian Imperial Force in the Middle East. Later the Australian Flying Corps units joined the Royal Flying Corps in France and Belgium supporting the Western Front. Four training squadrons were also setup in England to ensure a steady supply of pilots and support staff.


Chevrolet Corvettes. The Corvette in Australia is as rare as hen’s teeth. It is also the American super car. When I came to the United States I bought a C4 Corvette. That led the purchase of a series of Corvettes from a C4 Coupe, to a C5 Coupe, to a C6 Coupe, to a C6 Convertible to a C7 Coupe and a C7 Grand Sport. Since 2019 I have been tracking my vette's and with the inbuilt PDR recording my fastest laps.