American Craft Beer

American Craft Brew

A friend of mine recently went on the traditional beer pilgrimage through Germany and the Czech Republic, hitting Munich and Oktoberfest along the way. Through the social beer app, untappd, we found out how boring she found the German, Czech and Swiss beers. It was interesting to see a check-in where she exclaimed with joy, "Finally found an IPA!"

The craft brewers in the United States have changed the American palette. It is now expected that IPAs will be hopped to the max, that Imperial IPAs will be hopped to the point of being classified as Barley Wines, and everything will be turned into an Imperial one way or another. Black IPAs, Imperial Reds, Imperial Stouts, it never ends with American brewers. Innovation has become second nature.

No longer should you do a beer pilgrimage through Germany, these days you should do it through the American West Coast, starting in San Diego, going through Northern California then heading up through Oregon, Washington, down to Colorado and ending in Arizona.

How did this happen? How did we go from a world where Bavaria was beer ground zero and now it is California?


Prohibition destroyed the American brewing, wine and liquor industries. Immigrants from Italy, Germany and other places that had these skills were wasted during this period. Worse, even when Prohibition was repealed in 1933, a lot of unfriendly laws toward alcohol and brewing remained in place. Consequently it was not until laws and attitudes changed in the latter half of the 20th century did craft brewing become possible as an industry.

Two of the larger changes in government policy that led to the craft brewing revolution was President Carter repealing a law that made home brewing illegal in the 1970s and Washington State passing a law that enabled beer to be brewed and sold on the same premises in the 1980s. This second law change led to the first modern American brew pub. Other states soon changed their laws to allow brew pubs as well.

The American brewing industry would not be the same without Cascade Hops which was developed at Oregon State University as part of a government funded research program to improve American hops and agriculture. Traditionally American hops were good for bitterness and European hops were good for aroma. Cascade hops turned that on its head and American hops are now known for their flavor.

When Sierra Nevada Brewing decided to make their signature beer, they chose to do an American Pale Ale and they used Cascade hops to create it. From this point on it pretty much became standard that the strong taste of the West Coast style would include the Cascade hops that were grown in California, Oregon and Washington State.


The growing economy of the United States in the 1960s and 70s included the infrastructure improvements of the inter state highways that spread from California to New York and made distribution of beer from large central breweries to grocery store shelves simple.

Tom Acitelli in "The Audacity of Hops" calls Big Beer the major producers such as Miller, Budweiser (Annhauser-Busch) and Coors. Though interestingly Coors was not a major player until the 1990s. Prior to then Coors' distribution was limited to Colorado and some Western States.

Big Beer came about through consolidation of existing breweries into the Miller and Budweiser world. The large economies of scale that Big Beer found in brewing lightly flavored and inoffensive tasting beer leant itself to incorporating existing breweries and adding them to the national chain of Bud-Miller expansion.

This did mean however, that beer became the same, boring and without variation through the nation. It was how America got a bad name for beer and it left an opening for craft beer and new brews outside of the mild Pilsener and Lager.


Technology did not play a place in the first of the craft brewers. Pioneers like New Albion put together a brewery with left over dairy and wine equipment. I thought technology must have had a place for making micro runs economically possible but it appears not. The pioneers in the craft beer movement for the most part either cobbled together breweries themselves or bought up old German equipment. They did it with passion and hard work, quite amazing.

Some companies went through the route of outsourcing their brewing to existing smaller breweries. Boston Beer Company - of Boston Lager fame, Pete's Brewing and Brooklyn Brewing all chose outsourcing. One description of high quality is minimum of variation and the Pilseners that American brewers were pumping out were high quality, a Bud drunk in Miami tasted the same as one drunk in Seattle. The Craft Brewers that used existing breweries for their Lagers did produce high quality lagers, some of the new craft breweries had issues with quality initially which is something Boston Beer Company avoided.

I can recall being surprised when living in Virginia when drinking a Brooklyn Lager that it was brewed in Rochester, New York. I assumed all the craft breweries brewed their own and was not aware that several of the major craft brewers outsourced their brewing to existing breweries. There is something human about expecting a legitimacy from beer being brewed on-site. However, it was not for Boston Lager and Brooklyn Lager taking on Big Beer on their own turf, it is likely the smaller craft brewers would have had a more difficult time gaining traction.


The American craft brewery industry took forty years to happen. The industry came out of the home brewers who upped their production from themselves and a few friends to larger runs of beer - high in taste and quality - that could be sold in grocery stores and bars.

The earliest craft brewery was Anchor Steam in San Francisco. They innovated in the India Pale Ale, Porters and Barley wines in the 1970s. The first start up of a craft brewery was New Albion Brewery. This became the template of the craft brewery operations that came after it. New Albion put their brewery together with old discarded dairy and wine making equipment. Their beers were strong on taste, bitters and used local ingredients. This became the template of how West Coast craft brewers created their beers.

The craft brewers on the West Coast hopped their beers more and more. Vinnie Cilurzo in the 1990s in Temuculah, decided to hop the India Pale Ale to new extremes and invented the Double or Imperial India Pale Ale. Cilurzo now owns Russian River Brewing and has created Pliny the Elder which is hopped as a Triple India Pale Ale. Green Flash hopped an Irish style of red beer to the point that they call it a red IPA. It is never ending with the new brewers.

This willingness to innovate has changed the world of beer. In particular the ability for the American craft brew industry to experiment with hops and re-create the Pale Ale, India Pale Ale, the Porter, to invent the Imperial India Pale Ale [IIPA], and invent the Black IPA, the Imperial Red and the Imperial Stout. It was like a dam was broken and an amazing amount of innovation just flew through.

Beer Drinkers

There would be no craft brewing industry if Americans did not want to drink what they were offering. Courtesy of the sameness of the light pilseners of Big Beer there was a yearning for new beer tastes. A ready market of American beer drinkers were willing to pay a premium for these craft beers, and were willing to travel to establishments that would tap these new and innovative beers and tastes on tap.

This is a remarkable time for beer lovers. Brewers are creating new and amazing tastes, beers, and mechanisms to get these beers to drinkers. Pubs are opening that have sixty different craft brews on tap. Gastro-pubs are opening that have a mix of good food and new beers that are to be matched. Restaurants are creating shandies and new cocktails that use the new beers American brewers are creating. We recently were at the Pig & Pickle and one of the cocktails included Vodka and Racer 5 IPA.

In 1983 America had eighty breweries, in July of 2014 there were 3,000 with "2,000 more in the planning phase". The last time America had that many breweries was in 1873 when 4,000 were known to be in operation. It is a good time for beer.

Best Beers

Best Beer: The best beer in America right now is Green Flash's West Coast IPA. Like it's name suggests it is very much in the West Coast style. It is hoppy, high in alcohol and brewed for taste. Green Flash's IPA is uncompromising and indicative of how the American palette is changing on the lead of craft brewers.

American Pale Ale: Have to give this one to Sierra Nevada's Pale Ale. This is the grand daddy of the West Coast style using Cascade hops and being brewed for taste. This is a high quality beer that can be drunk anywhere and anytime. A close second is Ska Brewing's Euphoria Pale Ale. That is a nice hoppy pale ale as well.

American India Pale Ale: Green Flash's West Coast IPA is the best IPA around at the moment. Ballast Point's Sculpin, Bear Republic's Racer 5, Dragoon's IPA and Santan's Hop Shock are all high quality IPAs in the American style. The gateway IPA has to be Lagunitas since it is readily available in bottles and on tap in a lot of pubs in Arizona.

Double IPA: Ballast Point's Dorado has to be one of the smoothest Imperial IPAs around. Squatter's Hop Rising. Rough Draft's Hop Therapy and Port Brewing's Anniversary Ale are both great doubles as well. Clown Shoes' Galactica is also popular as is Lagunitas' Maximus. I never turn those beer's down.

Red Ale: Traditionally the Red Ale has been an Irish style, but again American craft brewers have been innovating in the style and producing tastier and hoppier reds. Coronado's Mermaid's Red is probably the best red around at the moment with Bear Republic's Red Rocket Ale, North Coast's Red Seal Ale, Green Flash's Hop Head Red and Nimbus's Red all being good, strong, tasty reds.

Imperial Red: Lagunitas Lucky 13 is the best Imperial Red I have had. Lumberyard's Imperial Red is also another great beer. Imperial Red's are higher in alcohol, taste, hops, malt, you name it. Imperial red is a polite name for extreme red.

Brown Ale: Oak Creek's Nut Brown Ale was the gateway beer for this genre for me, and for the darker beers. What a wonderfully tasty beer.

Black IPA: This one has to go to Peoria Artisan brewery. Their Black IPA is both smooth and bitter. Wonderful beer. Santan's Negro Nitron is another wonderfully smooth Black IPA. Brathaus had this one the last time I had it on tap.

Beer Ranking

The algorithm I used to sort the beers below was the rating I gave to beer on untappd and then by the number of checkins. basically:

sort = (rating * 20000) + (checkins * 1000) + (unique)

Where unique was a small number. This has meant that some beers which I have given lower ratings, yet I drink more often, are jumping ahead of the queue from higher rated beers. Interesting.

5Sculpin IPABallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican IPACA
4.75Hop KnotFour Peaks Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
5IPALagunitas Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
5West Coast IPA (-2013 Retired)Green Flash Brewing Co.American IPACA
5IPADragoon Brewing Co.American IPAAZ
5Racer 5 IPA®Bear Republic Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5HopShock IPASanTan Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
5West Coast IPA (2014)Green Flash Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
5Solis Occasus IPAMike Hess BrewingAmerican IPACA
5Soul StyleGreen Flash Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5Modus HoperandiSka BrewingAmerican IPACO
5Grapefruit SculpinBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican IPACA
5IPAAleSmith Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
5Stochasticity Project: Grapefruit Slam IPAStone Brewing Co.American IPACA
5Mermaid's RedCoronado Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
4.5Devil's AleSanTan Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleAZ
5Dorado Double IPABallast Point Brewing & SpiritsImperial / Double IPACA
5Stone Enjoy By 12.26.14 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
5Stone Enjoy By 02.14.14 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Ponderosa IPAPrescott Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
4.5Flagstaff IPALumberYard Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
5IPANebraska Brewing CompanyAmerican IPANE
4.5Hop Nosh IPAUinta Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAUT
5Anniversary AlePort Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
5Grapefruit IPAGhostfish Brewing CompanyGluten-FreeWA
5Red Rocket Ale®Bear Republic Brewing Co.American Amber / Red AleCA
5Delicious IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
5Churchill's PaleBear Republic Brewing Co.American IPACA
5Stone Enjoy By 04.20.14 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4Pale AleSierra Nevada Brewing Co.American Pale AleCA
5Evil CousinHeretic Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
5West Coast IPA (2015)Green Flash Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
5Imperial Refuge IPA (Batch 100)Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPAAZ
4Stone IPAStone Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5Torpedo Extra IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5Big Eye IPABallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican IPACA
4.5Hop Head Red Double IPA (2014)Green Flash Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Black Iron IPAGrand Canyon Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
4.5Hop Head Red (-2013 Retired)Green Flash Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5India Pale AleMarble Brewery American IPANM
4.5Happy Camper IPASanta Fe Brewing CompanyAmerican IPANM
4.5Big Daddy IPASpeakeasy Ales & LagersAmerican IPACA
4.5Islander IPACoronado Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4.5Negro NitronSanTan Brewing CompanyBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleAZ
4.5Celebration Ale (2014)Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5Lagunitas SucksLagunitas Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4.5Red AleLumberYard Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
4.5Ruedrich's Red Seal AleNorth Coast Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
4.5Hoppy Bitch IPANorthwest Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWA
4.5Hop Ottin IPAAnderson Valley Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4.530th Street Pale AleGreen Flash Brewing Co.American Pale AleCA
4.5Haboob Black IPAPeoria Artisan BreweryBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleAZ
4.5Hop RisingSquatters Craft BeersImperial / Double IPAUT
4.5Super India Pale Ale (Lips of Faith)New Belgium Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACO
4.5Stone Enjoy By 07.04.15 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Stone Enjoy By 07.04.14 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Liquid AmberPrescott Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
4.5IPAMission BreweryAmerican IPACA
4.5#9Magic Hat Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleVT
4.5Nut Brown AleOak Creek Brewing Co. American Brown AleAZ
4.5Desert Pale AleCartel Brewery (Arizona)American Pale AleAZ
4.5Stone Go To IPAStone Brewing Co.Session IPACA
4.5Hop TherapyRough Draft Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4.5ShipwreckedMission BreweryImperial / Double IPACA
4.5GalacticaClown ShoesImperial / Double IPAMA
4.5Imperial IPA (2014)Green Flash Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Rogue Farms 7 Hop IPARogue AlesImperial / Double IPAOR
4.5Hop StoopidLagunitas Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4.5Broken Oar IPAKannah Creek Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
4.5Anchor Steam BeerAnchor Brewing CompanyCalifornia CommonCA
4.5Hop Bomber IPAGrand Canyon Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAAZ
4.5Short Hop ISAFour Peaks Brewing CompanySession IPAAZ
4.5Red Betty IPA (India Pale Ale)Central City Brewers + DistillersAmerican IPABC
4.5Modus Operandi (Modus Vivendi)The Wild Beer CoAmerican Wild AleSomerset, BA4 6ER
4.5The GauntletIron Fist Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Hoppy Poppy IPAFigueroa Mountain Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5IPASaint Archer Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA 92121
4.5Pako's IPASnake River Brewing Co.American IPAWY
4.5Opposable IPAHistoric Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
4.5Imperial Red AleLagunitas Brewing CompanyImperial / Double Red AleCA
4.5Lucky 13 (Mondo Large Red Ale)Lagunitas Brewing CompanyImperial / Double Red AleCA
4.5Points Unknown IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Refuge IPAArizona Wilderness Brewing Co.American IPAAZ
4.5Unapologetic IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Hoptologist DIPAKnee Deep Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4.5Hop-15 AlePort Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4.5Fate-ality IPAFate Brewing Company (Arizona)American IPAAZ
4.5Café Racer 15™Bear Republic Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Victory at SeaBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsImperial / Double PorterCA
4.5RuinTen IPAStone Brewing Co.Triple IPACA
4.5Hopslam Ale (2014)Bell's Brewery, Inc.Imperial / Double IPAMI
4.5Str8 Outta HoptonO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4.5Patty IPAO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4.5Red AleNimbus Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
4.5Açai Berry WheatEel River Brewing Co.Fruit BeerCA
4.5Johnny's American IPAMoab BreweryAmerican IPAUT
4.5Nooner Session IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.Session IPACA
4.5Scrimshaw PilsnerNorth Coast Brewing CompanyGerman PilsnerCA
4.5Homefront IPALeft Hand Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
4.5Hop GeekFree Will Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPAPA
4.5State Forty-Eight IPAScottsdale Beer Company American IPAAZ
4.5Copper Cone Pale AleEpic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado)American Pale AleUT
4.5IPAMarin Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4.53 Grid IPASchooner Exact Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWA
4.5Flipside Red IPA (2013)Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5Homefront IPAFremont BrewingAmerican IPAWA
4.520th Anniversary Reserve IPABlack Diamond Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4.5DayTime Fractional IPALagunitas Brewing CompanySession IPACA
4.5Black IPASanta Fe Brewing CompanyBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleNM
4.5Extra StoutFate Brewing Company (Arizona)American StoutAZ
4.5Black Marlin PorterBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican PorterCA
4.5Local Fields Series: EssenceHangar 24 Craft BreweryImperial / Double IPACA
4.5Vendetta IPASpeakeasy Ales & LagersAmerican IPACA
4.5Kermit The HopBison Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Orange BlossomPapago BreweryFruit BeerAZ
4.5Imperial RedLumberYard Brewing CompanyImperial / Double Red AleAZ
4.5My Bloody Valentine (2014)AleSmith Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
4.5Brew Free! or Die IPA21st Amendment Brewery American IPACA
4.5Valhalla Red IPAElysian BrewingAmerican Amber / Red AleWA
4.5Hop Odyssey Symposium IPAGreen Flash Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5Double Daddy Imperial IPASpeakeasy Ales & LagersImperial / Double IPACA
4.5Chocolate SombreroClown ShoesAmerican Imperial / Double StoutMA
4.5Modus MandarinaSka BrewingAmerican IPACO
4.5Perpetual IPATröegs Independent BrewingAmerican IPAPA
4.5Grunion Pale AleBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican Pale AleCA
4.5Hop Odyssey Columbus Double IPAGreen Flash Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.25Union Jack IPAFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4.5Hop On Over DIPAFreak'N Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAAZ
4.5Amarilla Gorilla IPASmog City BrewingAmerican IPACA
4.5Chasin' Freshies (2013)Deschutes BreweryAmerican IPAOR
4.5Sea MonsterBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican Imperial / Double StoutCA
4.5Imperial IPA (-2014 Retired)Green Flash Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Tasmanian IPA (TIPA)Schlafly - The Saint Louis BreweryAmerican IPAMO
4.5MaximusLagunitas Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4.511th Anniversary Double Dry Hopped West Coast IPAGreen Flash Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.5Citrusinensis Pale AleLagunitas Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleCA
4.5KiloHopSanTan Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAAZ
4Two Hearted AleBell's Brewery, Inc.American IPAMI
4.5Down UndaFate Brewing Company (Arizona)Australian Pale AleAZ
4.5DirtWolf (2014)Victory Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAPA
4.5Palate WreckerGreen Flash Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Dank & StickyThe Hop ConceptImperial / Double IPACA
4.5Jai Alai IPACigar City BrewingAmerican IPAFL
4.5Racer X (2014)Bear Republic Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5The MaharajaAvery Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACO
4.5Stone Enjoy By 3.14.15 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Elevated IPALa Cumbre Brewing CompanyAmerican IPANM
4.5Stone Enjoy By 02.14.15 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5RuinTen IPA (2015)Stone Brewing Co.Triple IPACA
4.5Project DankLa Cumbre Brewing CompanyAmerican IPANM
4.5Stone Enjoy By 08.02.13 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4.5Pliny the ElderRussian River Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4India Pale Ale (IPA)Avery Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
4Celebration Ale (2013)Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4.25Fresh Squeezed IPADeschutes BreweryAmerican IPAOR
4Pinstripe Red AleSka BrewingAmerican Amber / Red AleCO
4.25The WendigoHuss Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
4.2519th Anniversary Thunderstruck IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4Organic IPANapa Smith BreweryAmerican IPACA
4Hopago IPAPapago BreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4.25Pale Ale 2.0Stone Brewing Co.American Pale AleCA
4HopDevilVictory Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAPA
4.25Sixty-One (2015)Dogfish Head Craft BreweryAmerican IPADE
4.25High Water Imperial IPALumberYard Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAAZ
4.25Arizona PlinyO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryImperial / Double IPAAZ
4.25IPAOskar Blues BreweryAmerican IPACO
4.25HoptuitusMike Hess BrewingAmerican IPACA
4Pale Ale (Yellowtail)Ballast Point Brewing & SpiritsKölschCA
4THAT AmberTHAT Brewery & Pub American Amber / Red AleAZ
4Goose IPAGoose Island Beer Co.English IPAIL
4Road Rash IPATHAT Brewery & Pub American IPAAZ
4Knotty Pine Pale AleLumberYard Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleAZ
4Moose Drool Brown AleBig Sky Brewing CompanyAmerican Brown AleMT
4Southern Triangle IPARough Draft Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4Citra Session IPAGreen Flash Brewing Co.Session IPACA
460 Minute IPADogfish Head Craft BreweryAmerican IPADE
4Mongo Double IPAPort Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
490 Minute IPADogfish Head Craft BreweryImperial / Double IPADE
4Una MasLeft Coast BrewingAmerican Amber / Red LagerCA
4Camelback IPAThe Phoenix Ale BreweryEnglish IPAAZ
4Fire Rock Pale AleKona Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleHI
4Red Rover Irish AleSleepy Dog BrewingIrish Red AleAZ
4Mojo India Pale Ale (IPA)Boulder Beer CompanyAmerican IPACO
4Cedar Plank Pale AleGreen Flash Brewing Co.American Pale AleCA
4Brown AleUpslope Brewing CompanyAmerican Brown AleCO
4All Day IPAFounders Brewing Co.Session IPAMI
4Total Domination IPANinkasi Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAOR
4Easy JackFirestone Walker Brewing CompanySession IPACA
4Centennial IPAFounders Brewing Co.American IPAMI
4Stone Ruination IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4Red Mountain AleDesert Eagle Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
4DFRNT IPA (Formerly Victorian IPA)Sonoran Brewing CompanyEnglish IPAAZ
4Amber AleOak Creek Brewing Co. American Amber / Red AleAZ
4Mr. PineappleSanTan Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleAZ
4Rebel IPABoston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)American IPAMA
4Hazed & InfusedBoulder Beer CompanyAmerican Pale AleCO
4Orange WheatHangar 24 Craft BreweryAmerican Pale Wheat AleCA
4Slow RideNew Belgium Brewing CompanySession IPACO
4AmberAlaskan Brewing Co.AltbierAK
4Stronghold SessionDragoon Brewing Co.American Brown AleAZ
4Euphoria Pale AleSka BrewingAmerican Pale AleCO
4That'll Do IPAHuss Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
4Flipside Red IPA (2014)Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4Tower 10 IPAKarl Strauss Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4Big Swell IPAMaui Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAHI
4Finestkind IPASmuttynose Brewing Co.American IPANH
4Oatmeal StoutFour Peaks Brewing CompanyOatmeal StoutAZ
4Escape To Colorado IPAEpic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado)American IPAUT
4King Crimson Imperial Red AleOak Creek Brewing Co. Imperial / Double Red AleAZ
4Hop JuiceLeft Coast BrewingImperial / Double IPACA
4HopageddonNapa Smith BreweryImperial / Double IPACA
4Hopulent IPAEpic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado)American IPAUT
4Black Racer™Bear Republic Brewing Co.Black IPA / Cascadian Dark AleCA
4Sock KnockerCoronado Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4Board MeetingPort Brewing CompanyAmerican Brown AleCA
4Green BulletGreen Flash Brewing Co.Triple IPACA
4Hoppy BirthdayAlpine Beer Company (CA)American Pale AleCA
4Primo Island LagerPabst Brewing CompanyNorth American Adjunct LagerIL
4Barrel Trolley India Pale AleBarrel Trolley BrewingAmerican IPACA
4Horseshoe Bend Pale AleGrand Canyon Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleAZ
4Key West Sunset AleFlorida Beer CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleFL
4Samuel Adams East Kent Goldings IPA (Latitude 48 IPA Deconstructed No. 1)Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)American IPAMA
4Sunset Amber AleGrand Canyon Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
4Paul's Pale AlePeoria Artisan BreweryEnglish Pale AleAZ
4Element 29Epic Brewing Co. (Utah, Colorado)American Pale AleUT
4Fat YakMatilda Bay Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleVic.
4Red NectarHumboldt Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
4Hefeweizen WheatSanTan Brewing CompanyHefeweizenAZ
4Barrio RojoBarrio BrewingScottish AleAZ
4Handlebar HefeO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryHefeweizenAZ
4Desert Magic IPAMudshark Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
4hI.P.A.Magic Hat Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAVT
4IPARubicon Brewing Co.American IPACA
4Trooper IPASun Up Brewing CoAmerican IPAAZ
4Amarillo By MorningHuss Brewing CompanyEnglish IPAAZ
4HopFish India Pale Ale (IPA)Flying Fish Brewing CompanyEnglish IPANJ
4Hop Ride IPATenaya Creek BreweryAmerican IPANV
4Coulter IPACismontane Brewing Co.American IPACA
4Blacked OutTHAT Brewery & Pub Black IPA / Cascadian Dark AleAZ
4SuperMonk Belgian IPASanTan Brewing CompanyBelgian IPAAZ
4India Pale AleUpslope Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
4Tandem Double IPATenaya Creek BreweryImperial / Double IPANV
4BlindfoldSierra Nevada Brewing Co.Black IPA / Cascadian Dark AleCA
4Columbus IPAHangar 24 Craft BreweryAmerican IPACA
4Off Duty IPASquatters Craft BeersAmerican IPAUT
4Censored Rich Copper Ale (aka The Kronik)Lagunitas Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
4Rudie Session IPASka BrewingSession IPACO
4Lil Gye RyeArizona Wilderness Brewing Co.Rye BeerAZ
4AftermathBlack Market Brewing Co.American Pale AleCA
4IPACaldera Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAOR
4Our Dark SecretMoylan's BreweryBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleCA
4Lorenzini Double IPAMaui Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAHI
4Dank IPADad & Dude's BreweriaAmerican IPACO
4Hoperation OverloadDESTIHL BreweryImperial / Double IPAIL
4Wobble IPATwo Brothers Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAIL
4OHSO HoppyO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4Pinner Throwback IPAOskar Blues BrewerySession IPACO
4OdelayFour Peaks Brewing CompanyAmerican StoutAZ
4Supergoose IPAHale's Ales BreweryImperial / Double IPAWA
4Interurban IPAFremont BrewingAmerican IPAWA
4Brutal IPARogue AlesAmerican IPAOR
4SextantBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsOatmeal StoutCA
4HabitusMike Hess BrewingRye BeerCA
4Wipeout IPAPort Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4Vault Series: Count Hopula Blood Red IPASanTan Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAAZ
4Indian Brown AleDogfish Head Craft BreweryAmerican Brown AleDE
4Big Bear Black Stout™Bear Republic Brewing Co.American Imperial / Double StoutCA
4Double StoutGreen Flash Brewing Co.American Imperial / Double StoutCA
4IPAOdell Brewing Co.American IPACO
4HopWired I.P.A.8 Wired Brewing Co.American IPAAuckland
4Brown Shugga' (2013)Lagunitas Brewing CompanyAmerican Strong AleCA
4Hop Shortage Triple IPAKnee Deep Brewing CompanyTriple IPACA
4Stone Enjoy By 05.17.13 IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4The Walking RedO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryImperial / Double Red AleAZ
4Orange OB West Coast IPAUncle Bear's BreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4Bad Bubbas IPAO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4Strawberry Kiwi Guest BrewO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican Pale Wheat AleAZ
4Circus FreakO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican Pale AleAZ
4Noel's IPAO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4California Pale Ale (CPA)Bayhawk AlesAmerican Pale AleCA
4Big Bite IPASpanish Peaks BreweryAmerican IPAMT
4Mr. Huff Pale AleHop City Brewing Co.American Pale AleON
4Amnesia IPAIndian Wells Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4Lodgepole LightPrescott Brewing CompanyCream AleAZ
4Kaua'i Golden AleHawai‘i Nui BrewingGolden AleHI
4Florida LagerFlorida Beer CompanyAmerican Amber / Red LagerFL
4Bison Organic IPABison Brewing Co.American IPACA
4Pale AleOmission BeerGluten-FreeOR
4Bad Water IPABad Water BrewingAmerican IPAAZ
4Riptide Red AleCasco Bay BrewingIrish Red AleME
4White Hawk (I.P.A.)Mendocino Brewing CompanyEnglish IPACa
4Belgian ISAGhostfish Brewing CompanyBelgian IPAWA
4Oh My Gatos! Golden AleFate Brewing Company (Arizona)Golden AleAZ
4Red Tail (Amber Ale)Mendocino Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleCa
4Roswell Alien Amber AleRio Grande & Sierra Blanca Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleNM
4Sunset Amber AleHawai‘i Nui BrewingAmerican Amber / Red AleHI
4Bullseye BrewLost Coast BreweryAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
4Amber AleScuttlebutt Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleWA
4Scape Goat Pale AleBig Sky Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleMT
42013 Reserve Pale AleENDEAVOUR Vintage Beer Co.Australian Pale AleNSW
4Amber AleTap It Brewing CoAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
4Papago ParkPapago BreweryAmerican Pale AleAZ
4AmberAbita Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red LagerLA
4Amber Sun Ale16 Mile Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleDE
4Caramel Cream AleMother Bunch BrewingCream AleAZ
4Naughty NellieThe Pike Brewing CompanyGolden AleWA
4Purple HazeAbita Brewing CompanyFruit BeerLA
4Amber AleMission BreweryAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
4IPADog Tag BrewingAmerican IPAMT - Montana
4Route 66 IPADesert Eagle Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
4Fraternity of HopsCollege Street Brewhouse & PubAmerican IPAAZ
4Scorpion Amber AleMudshark Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
4Dogzilla Black IPALaughing Dog BrewingBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleID
4Amarillo Pale AleHangar 24 Craft BreweryAmerican Pale AleCA
4Fish Tale Hodgson's Bitter End IPAFish Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWA
4Standing Wave Pale AleKannah Creek Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleCO
4East Village PilsnerGreen Flash Brewing Co.PilsnerCA
4Village Nut Brown AleOak Creek Brewing Co. American Brown AleAZ
4Organic Chocolate StoutBison Brewing Co.American StoutCA
4Oil Can PorterUnion BarrelhouseImperial / Double PorterAZ
4Monkey Fist IPAShipyard Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAME
4Irish Red AleSanta Fe Brewing CompanyIrish Red AleNM
4Saison de WenchBison Brewing Co.Saison / Farmhouse AleCA
4Samuel Adams Zeus IPA (Latitude 48 IPA Deconstructed No. 5)Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)American IPAMA
4Fish Tale Organic India Pale Ale (IPA)Fish Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWA
4Grapefruit Harvest IPAAbita Brewing CompanyAmerican IPALA
4Doc's Pale AleOak Creek Brewing Co. American Pale AleAZ
4400 Pound MonkeyLeft Hand Brewing CompanyEnglish IPACO
4Rocky Mountain IPAFort Collins Brewery (FCB)American IPACO
4Sawtooth NitroLeft Hand Brewing CompanyExtra Special / Strong BitterCO
4Summer LoveVictory Brewing CompanyGolden AlePA
4Oatmeal StoutNimbus Brewing CompanyOatmeal StoutAZ
4HefeweizenMission BreweryHefeweizenCA
4Spring IPAAbita Brewing CompanyAmerican IPALA
4Lefty's LagerFour Peaks Brewing CompanyVienna LagerAZ
4IPAAlaskan Brewing Co.American IPAAK
4Hapa Brown AleHawai‘i Nui BrewingAmerican Brown AleHI
4PilsLagunitas Brewing CompanyCzech PilsenerCA
4Stonewall StoutBlue & Gray BrewingAmerican StoutVA
4Hop HuggerDurango Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
4IPABig Sky Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAMT
4THAT Monsoon Mud StoutTHAT Brewery & Pub StoutAZ
4Watchstander StoutGhostfish Brewing CompanyGluten-FreeWA
4Swamp Ape DIPAFlorida Beer CompanyImperial / Double IPAFL
4Payette Pale AlePayette Brewing Co.American Pale AleID
4OB West Coast IPAUncle Bear's BreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4Nut Brown AleNimbus Brewing CompanyEnglish Brown AleAZ
4THAT Strawberry BlondeTHAT Brewery & Pub American Blonde AleAZ
4Liberty AleAnchor Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4Tsunami IPAHawai‘i Nui BrewingAmerican IPAHI
4Big Wave Golden AleKona Brewing CompanyGolden AleHI
4Winter Bourbon BrownGrand Canyon Brewing CompanyAmerican Brown AleAZ
4Brooklyn LagerBrooklyn BreweryVienna LagerNY
4Praying Monk TrippelO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryBelgian TripelAZ
4Cold HopBoulder Beer CompanyEnglish IPACO
4Jagged Edge IPABlack Diamond Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4White ElephantO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryWhite IPAAZ
4American Brown AleFate Brewing Company (Arizona)American Brown AleAZ
4India Pale AleDiamond Knot Craft BrewingAmerican IPAWA
4Alpine AleAlpine Beer Company (CA)American Pale AleCA
4805 BlondeFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyBlonde AleCA
4Hopside DownWidmer Brothers BrewingIPL (India Pale Lager)OR
4Point The Way IPAGolden Road BrewingAmerican IPACA
4RosabiDogfish Head Craft BreweryAmerican Strong AleDE
4Weekday IPARough Draft Brewing CompanySession IPACA
4Sex Panther Double Chocolate PorterSanTan Brewing CompanyAmerican PorterAZ
4Roasted American21st Amendment Brewery American Amber / Red AleCA
4Double Strike DIPALightning BreweryImperial / Double IPACA
4Angel City IPAAngel City BreweryAmerican IPACA
4Vertex IPADESTIHL BreweryAmerican IPAIL
4Breck IPABreckenridge BreweryAmerican IPACO
4Heritage Red AlePeoria Artisan BreweryAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
4Outlaw IPAPayette Brewing Co.American IPAID
4HopBot IPAHop City Brewing Co.American IPAON
4Summer SolsticeAnderson Valley Brewing CompanyHerbed/Spiced BeerCA
4Northern California IPAMoylan's BreweryAmerican IPACA
4Snake Dog IPAFlying Dog BreweryAmerican IPAMD
4Fracas Imperial Hoppy Red AleBlack Diamond Brewing CompanyImperial / Double Red AleCA
4Amra Mango IPADESTIHL BreweryAmerican IPAIL
4Dirty Dog IPABig Dog's Brewing CompanyAmerican IPANV
4Hop HouseBrewery OmmegangBelgian Pale AleNY
4Yellow Snow IPARogue AlesAmerican IPAOR
4Hoptopia Double IPAHermitage Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4Kiss My Brown IPAO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican Brown AleAZ
4Mosaic Session IPAGreen Flash Brewing Co.Session IPACA
4RVA IPAHardywood Park Craft BreweryAmerican IPAVA
4Frog's Breath IPACoronado Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4IPA And A HalfTommyknocker BreweryAmerican IPACO
4Single Tank Series: SaisonFour Peaks Brewing CompanySaison / Farmhouse AleAZ
4Manny's Pale AleGeorgetown Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleWA
4Eraser IPARough Draft Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4He'Brew Hop Manna IPAShmaltz Brewing CompanyAmerican IPANY
4Jule IPABeer HereAmerican IPACopenhagen
4OHSO GroveyO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican Pale AleAZ
4Old MonkeyshineNimbus Brewing CompanyEnglish Strong AleAZ
4SPA (Summer Pale Ale)Port Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleCA
4Grand Am™Bear Republic Brewing Co.American Pale AleCA
4The CorruptionDC Brau Brewing CompanyAmerican IPADC
4Little India Pale AleBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican IPACA
4Hoppy FeetClown ShoesBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleMA
4Nitro Pale AleFounders Brewing Co.American Pale AleMI
4Monumentous IPACoachella Valley Brewing Company American IPACA
4Blue Bridge Coffee StoutCoronado Brewing CompanyStoutCA
4Wet Snout Milk StoutSleepy Dog BrewingMilk / Sweet StoutAZ
4OHSO CreeperO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
4Kick Ass DIPAAugusta Brewing CompanyImperial Pale AleMO
4Digital IPAYeastie BoysNew Zealand Pale Ale
4Titan IPAGreat Divide Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
4Red AleMarble Brewery American Amber / Red AleNM
4Beer Camp Hoppy Lager (2015)Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.IPL (India Pale Lager)CA
4Undercover CucumberHistoric Brewing CompanyBlonde LagerAZ
4Going To The Sun IPAGreat Northern Brewing Company (Montana)American IPAMT
4Sixty-OneDogfish Head Craft BreweryAmerican IPADE
4Rise Up Red IRAHopworks Urban Brewery (HUB)American Amber / Red AleOR
4The Mutt's NutsUncle Bear's BreweryImperial / Double IPAAZ
4Rye IPABlack Market Brewing Co.Rye BeerCA
4Leafer MadnessBeer Valley Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAOR
4Beer Camp #95 Imperial Red AleSierra Nevada Brewing Co.Imperial / Double Red AleCA
4Black Eyed Billy GoatOskar Blues BreweryBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleCO
4Osiris Pale AleSun King Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleIN
4Harvest Single Hop IPA - Yakima #291Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4IPASweetWater Brewing Company American IPAGA
4Reposado PearWyder's CiderCiderVT
4Private Label IPAFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4The Immortal IPAElysian BrewingEnglish IPAWA
4Betrayal Imperial Red AleSpeakeasy Ales & LagersImperial / Double Red AleCA
4The OgdenGoose Island Beer Co.Belgian TripelIL
4Pinedrops IPADeschutes BreweryAmerican IPAOR
4Bengali TigerSixpoint BreweryAmerican IPANY
4Nelson Imperial IPAWidmer Brothers BrewingImperial / Double IPAOR
4Harvest Wild Hop IPA - Neomexicanus Hops (2014)Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4Black Jack PorterLeft Hand Brewing CompanyEnglish PorterCO
4Chainsaw AleLeft Hand Brewing CompanyExtra Special / Strong BitterCO
4Southern Hemisphere HarvestSierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4X Extra Pale AleAleSmith Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleCA
4AprihopDogfish Head Craft BreweryAmerican IPADE
4Suruga Bay Imperial IPABaird Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAShizuoka
4Indian Paintbrush IPAThe Black Tooth Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWY
4A Day at the ParkPeoria Artisan BreweryAmerican IPAAZ
4Liberation Imperial IPABlack Market Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4Heisenberg's DarkMarble Brewery Black IPA / Cascadian Dark AleNM
4MECHANOLA BrewingImperial / Double IPALA
4Hurricane DeckFigueroa Mountain Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4CommittedBJ's Restaurant and BrewhouseImperial / Double IPACA
4International Pale AleFate Brewing Company (Arizona)American Pale AleAZ
4Baboquivari BlondeArizona Wilderness Brewing Co.Belgian Blonde / GoldenAZ
4Muffin TopClown ShoesBelgian TripelMA
4Young's Double Chocolate StoutCharles Wells BreweryMilk / Sweet StoutBedfordshire, MK40 4LU
42020 IPAGolden Road BrewingAmerican IPACA
4GalaxyAnchorage Brewing CompanyWhite IPAAK
4Hairy Eyeball (2013)Lagunitas Brewing CompanyAmerican Strong AleCA
4Celebration AleSierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4He'Brew Bittersweet Lenny's R.I.P.A.Shmaltz Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPANY
4Fistful Of Hops RedSun King Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAIN
4Hopworks IPAHopworks Urban Brewery (HUB)American IPAOR
4Idiot IPACoronado Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4Enemy WithinBlack Market Brewing Co.American IPACA
4Aprihop (2014)Dogfish Head Craft BreweryAmerican IPADE
4Northern Hemisphere Harvest Wet Hop AleSierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4Le FreakGreen Flash Brewing Co.Belgian IPACA
4Two Lane Blacktop21st Amendment Brewery Imperial / Double Black IPACA
4Hop Hunter IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
4500 B.C. Double IPAHumboldt Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4Dawn of the RedNinkasi Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleOR
4Hop Bomb IPABoatrocker Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAVic.
4Stiegl Radler Grapefruit NaturtrübStieglbrauerei zu SalzburgRadler
4Wild Sour Series: LynnbrookDESTIHL BreweryBerliner WeisseIL
4Skull Wrapper IPACoronado Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4925 IPABlack Diamond Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACA
4Detour Double IPAUinta Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAUT
4Lost Highway Black IPAMother Road Brewing CompanyImperial / Double Black IPAAZ
4Descender IPAGoodLife Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAOR
4Double Simcoe IPAWeyerbacher Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAPA
4TricksterBlack Raven Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWA
4Big Rapid RedLumberYard Brewing CompanyImperial / Double Red AleAZ
4Tongue BucklerBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsImperial / Double Red AleCA
4Double IPAHangar 24 Craft BreweryImperial / Double IPACA
4Hop Odyssey Black IPAGreen Flash Brewing Co.Black IPA / Cascadian Dark AleCA
4Lucille IPAGeorgetown Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWA
4Roots To Boots: Rudderless Red IRLBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican Amber / Red LagerCA
4Houblon ChouffeBrasserie d'AchouffeBelgian IPA
4Sweet ThangFreak'N Brewing CompanyAmerican Imperial / Double StoutAZ
4Arrogant Bastard AleStone Brewing Co.American Strong AleCA
4The Juice Double IPAMadison River Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAMT
4HopothermiaAlaskan Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPAAK
4Rampage Imperial IPABlack Diamond Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4HopsickleMoylan's BreweryTriple IPACA
41000 IBUMikkellerImperial / Double IPA
4Batch 100 v 1.0Dragoon Brewing Co.Black IPA / Cascadian Dark AleAZ
4WHT CHCLT ALE (White Chocolate Ale)Sonoran Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleAZ
4Night Time AleLagunitas Brewing CompanyBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleCA
4Decadent Imperial IPASka BrewingImperial / Double IPACO
4Dark PenanceFounders Brewing Co.Imperial / Double Black IPAMI
4Dry Dock's Double IPADry Dock Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACO
4The IllinoisGoose Island Beer Co.Imperial / Double IPAIL
4Road WarriorGreen Flash Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4Nelson International Pale AleFate Brewing Company (Arizona)American Pale AleAZ
4War Dog Imperial IPABig Dog's Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPANV
4A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' AleLagunitas Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleCA
4Deviant Dale'sOskar Blues BreweryAmerican IPACO
4Undercover Investigation Shut-Down AleLagunitas Brewing CompanyAmerican Strong AleCA
4Heavy DSanTan Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAAZ
4Imperial IPAUpslope Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACO
4GUBNA Imperial IPAOskar Blues BreweryImperial / Double IPACO
4Wolf Among WeedsGolden Road BrewingImperial / Double IPACA
4Milk StoutLeft Hand Brewing CompanyMilk / Sweet StoutCO
4Tricerahops Double IPANinkasi Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAOR
4AfterburnerKinetic Brewing CompanyTriple IPACA
4Space Dust IPAElysian BrewingAmerican IPAWA
4Double LatteSierra Nevada Brewing Co.Milk / Sweet StoutCA
4Palate Stomper IPAPrescott Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
4Undercover Investigation Shut-Down Ale (2014)Lagunitas Brewing CompanyAmerican Strong AleCA
417th AnniversaryCoronado Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4Baby Oats IPAFate Brewing Company (Arizona)American IPAAZ
4Hop Henge Experimental IPA (2012)Deschutes BreweryImperial / Double IPAOR
4Mountain Standard Double Black IPAOdell Brewing Co.Imperial / Double Black IPACO
4Stone 17th Anniversary Götterdämmerung IPAStone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4DirtWolfVictory Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAPA
4Gubna (2015)Oskar Blues BreweryImperial / Double IPACO
4Double TroubleFounders Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPAMI
4AchocolypsePrescott Brewing CompanyAmerican PorterAZ
4Hop HogFeral Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAW.A.
4Wookey JackFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleCA
4Hoptimum (2014)Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4Super Conductor8 Wired Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPAAuckland
4Tripel KarmelietBrouwerij BosteelsBelgian TripelOost-Vlaanderen
4Apex™Bear Republic Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4Myrcenary Double IPAOdell Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACO
4Lagunitas Sucks (2014)Lagunitas Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACA
4DuetAlpine Beer Company (CA)American IPACA
4St. Bernardus Abt 12Brouwerij St. BernardusBelgian Quad
4Dragon's Milk (2013)New Holland Brewing CompanyAmerican Imperial / Double StoutMI
4On The Wings Of ArmageddonDC Brau Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPADC
4RuinTen IPA (2014)Stone Brewing Co.Imperial / Double IPACA
4Speedway StoutAleSmith Brewing CompanyAmerican Imperial / Double StoutCA
4Hopslam Ale (2015)Bell's Brewery, Inc.Imperial / Double IPAMI
4120 Minute IPA (2014)Dogfish Head Craft BreweryImperial / Double IPADE
3.5Corona Extra (Coronita, Familiar, Mega)Grupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.North American Adjunct LagerDistrito Federal
3.5IPAFull Sail Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAOR
3.75Arizona Trail AleTHAT Brewery & Pub English Pale AleAZ
3.5Kilt LifterFour Peaks Brewing CompanyScottish Export AleAZ
3.75Willow WheatPrescott Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleAZ
3.75Prescott Pale AlePrescott Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleAZ
3.75Petrified PorterPrescott Brewing CompanyAmerican PorterAZ
3.75Cherry PoppinsO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryPorterAZ
3.5Dale's Pale AleOskar Blues BreweryAmerican Pale AleCO
3.75Summer Session IPAFate Brewing Company (Arizona)Session IPAAZ
3.5Ghost of EyreSteamrail Brewing Company (Coles)Australian Pale AleVic.
3.5Samuel Adams Boston LagerBoston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)Vienna LagerMA
3.5Trestles IPALeft Coast BrewingAmerican IPACA
3.5Jockamo IPAAbita Brewing CompanyAmerican IPALA
3.5Longfin LagerBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsHelles LagerCA
3.58th Street Pale AleFour Peaks Brewing CompanyEnglish Pale AleAZ
3.5Calico Amber AleBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
3.5Peach AleFour Peaks Brewing CompanyFruit BeerAZ
3.5HefeweizenLumberYard Brewing CompanyHefeweizenAZ
3.5Chocolate PorterBayhawk AlesAmerican PorterCA
3.5Longboard Island LagerKona Brewing CompanyPale LagerHI
3.5Hop Hog IPALancaster Brewing Company American IPAPA
3.5Roadside American AleMother Road Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleAZ
3.5Polygamy PorterWasatch BreweryAmerican PorterUT
3.5Freeride APAAlaskan Brewing Co.American Pale AleAK
3.5Big Blue VanCollege Street Brewhouse & PubFruit BeerAZ
3.5HopBack Amber AleTröegs Independent BrewingAmerican Amber / Red AlePA
3.5MoonJuice IPASanTan Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
3.5Red Chair NWPADeschutes BreweryAmerican Pale AleOR
3.5Old ChubOskar Blues BreweryScotch Ale / Wee HeavyCO
3.5Stone Cali-Belgique IPAStone Brewing Co.Belgian IPACA
3.5Piehole Cherry Vanilla PorterHistoric Brewing CompanyPorterAZ
3.5Rosy CheeksGastropodAmerican Pale AleWA
3.5Cwrw GwynGastropodAmerican Pale AleWA
3.5Monks TableGastropodBelgian Pale AleWA
3.5OktoberfestPowers Brewing PhoenixOktoberfest/Festbier/Märzen
3.5Pablo's First BrewGuamuchilEnglish Pale Ale
3.5Pale AleNew PlanetGluten-FreeCO
3.5Raspberry AleIndian Wells Brewing CompanyFruit BeerCA
3.5Pabst Blue RibbonPabst Brewing CompanyNorth American Adjunct LagerIL
3.5India Pale AleKirkland SignatureAmerican IPACA
3.5Fruit Crate Pumpkin AleHermitage Brewing CompanyPumpkin / Yam BeerCA
3.5Ale IainGastropodCream AleWA
3.5Industrial Pale AleDave's Electric BrewpubAmerican IPAAZ
3.5Watermelon AleThe Phoenix Ale BreweryHefeweizenAZ
3.5Wild BlueAnheuser-BuschFruit BeerMO
3.5Aloha LagerAloha Beer CompanyEuro LagerHI
3.5Yenda Pale AleAustralian Beer CompanyAustralian Pale AleNSW
3.5Vanishing Point Pale AleGhostfish Brewing CompanyGluten-FreeWA
3.52013 Growers Bright AleENDEAVOUR Vintage Beer Co.Harvest AleNSW
3.5Ruby TuesdayMatilda Bay Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleVic.
3.5American PilsnerGrand Canyon Brewing CompanyPilsnerAZ
3.5Polestar PilsnerLeft Hand Brewing CompanyPilsnerCO
3.5THAT Backwoods BlondeTHAT Brewery & Pub American Blonde AleAZ
3.5Funky ChardonnayArizona Wilderness Brewing Co.Berliner WeisseAZ
3.5Hay Bale AlePrescott Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleAZ
3.5Fireman's Brew Redhead AleFireman's BrewAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
3.5Dirty Guera Blonde AleNimbus Brewing CompanyBlonde AleAZ
3.5DeVEILedMagic Hat Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleVT
3.5Pygmy OwlBig Sky Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAMT
3.5Mandarin WheatUncle Bear's BreweryHefeweizenAZ
3.5Birra Moretti La RossaBirra MorettiDoppelbock UD
3.5Spring Hornin’Anderson Valley Brewing CompanyEnglish IPACA
3.5Session Premium LagerFull Sail Brewing CompanyPale LagerOR
3.5Organic WhiteLakefront BreweryWitbierWI
3.5Klickitat Pale AleAlameda Brewing Co.American Pale AleOR
3.5Samuel Adams Latitude 48 IPA (Old Recipe)Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)American IPAMA
3.5Pub AleBoddington's BreweryEnglish BitterLancashire, PR5 0XD
3.5Colorado Native Amber LagerAC Golden Brewing Co.American Amber / Red LagerCO
3.5Hop CuvéeBison Brewing Co.American IPACA
3.5SunbruFour Peaks Brewing CompanyKölschAZ
3.5Honey-U-DewO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBrewerySaison / Farmhouse AleAZ
3.5Lands End AmberKannah Creek Brewing CompanyAltbierCO
3.5Samuel Adams Winter LagerBoston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)Winter LagerMA
3.5Wailua AleKona Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleHI
3.5Thomas Cooper's Selection: Celebration AleCoopers BreweryAmerican Pale AleS.A.
3.5Pullman PorterOak Creek Brewing Co. Baltic PorterAZ
3.5Avalanche Amber AleBreckenridge BreweryAmerican Amber / Red AleCO
3.5Bikini Blonde LagerMaui Brewing CompanyHelles LagerHI
3.5Ass-Kicker IPAGarrison Brewing CompanyAmerican IPANS
3.5Scruffy's Smoked AltCedar Creek BrewerySmoked BeerTX
3.5Mama's Little Yella PilsOskar Blues BreweryCzech PilsenerCO
3.5Pale AleUpslope Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleCO
3.5Hibiscus Pale AleSanTan Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleAZ
3.5Cold OneSilver City BreweryPilsnerWA
3.5ESB Special AleSka BrewingExtra Special / Strong BitterCO
3.5Fish Tale Organic Amber AleFish Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleWA
3.5Samuel Adams Grumpy Monk Belgian IPABoston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)Belgian IPAMA
3.5Koshihikari Echigo BeerEchigo Beer Co.Japanese Rice LagerNiigata
3.5Freestyle PilsnerSanta Fe Brewing CompanyGerman PilsnerNM
3.5Humboldt Brown Hemp AleHumboldt Brewing CompanyAmerican Brown AleCA
3.5Summer AleAlaskan Brewing Co.KölschAK
3.5OktoberfestSanta Fe Brewing CompanyOktoberfest/Festbier/MärzenNM
3.5Peaches & Cream AleBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsFruit BeerCA
3.5Traditional LagerYuengling BreweryAmerican Amber / Red LagerPA
3.5Karl Strauss AmberKarl Strauss Brewing CompanyVienna LagerCA
3.5HefeweizenFour Peaks Brewing CompanyHefeweizenAZ
3.5Ben's IPABarrio BrewingAmerican IPAAZ
3.5Prickly Pear SaisonO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBrewerySaison / Farmhouse AleAZ
3.5Great WhiteLost Coast BreweryWitbierCA
3.5Monkey Knife FightRubicon Brewing Co.American Pale AleCA
3.5Copper AleBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican Amber / Red AleCA
3.5White IPABlack Diamond Brewing CompanyWhite IPACA
3.5Alchemy AleWidmer Brothers BrewingAmerican Pale AleOR
3.5Pumpkin AleWasatch BreweryPumpkin / Yam BeerUT
3.5Apricot AlePyramid BreweriesFruit BeerWA
3.5Jibe Session IPAGreen Flash Brewing Co.Session IPACA
3.5Piercing Pils (2014)Dogfish Head Craft BreweryCzech PilsenerDE
3.5BlueSweetWater Brewing Company Fruit BeerGA
3.5American Amber AleRogue AlesAmerican Amber / Red AleOR
3.5WhiteAlaskan Brewing Co.WitbierAK
3.5The Bitter End Pale AleTwo Brothers Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleIL
3.5TurbodogAbita Brewing CompanyEnglish Brown AleLA
3.5Sawtooth AleLeft Hand Brewing CompanyExtra Special / Strong BitterCO
3.5Samuel Adams Simcoe IPA (Latitude 48 IPA Deconstructed No. 4)Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)American IPAMA
3.5Piercing PilsDogfish Head Craft BreweryCzech PilsenerDE
3.5Lavaman Red AleKona Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleHI
3.5Ground Wolf Session IPADC Brau Brewing CompanyAmerican IPADC
3.5Heirloom Pale Ale Heirloom Amber AleThe Pike Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red LagerWA
3.5American Red AleFour Peaks Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleAZ
3.5MOESaic Session IPABlack Diamond Brewing CompanySession IPACA
3.5Slammable IPAOskar Blues BreweryAmerican IPACO
3.5OutlawTwo Brothers Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAIL
3.5Orange Peel IPA (2014)The Phoenix Ale BreweryAmerican IPAAZ
3.5Road ZodaMudshark Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleAZ
3.5Upheaval IPAWidmer Brothers BrewingAmerican IPAOR
3.5Fat TireNew Belgium Brewing CompanyAmerican Amber / Red AleCO
3.5Gibraltar's GoseArizona Wilderness Brewing Co.GoseAZ
3.5THAT Knotty Nut BrownTHAT Brewery & Pub American Brown AleAZ
3.5Hunter Pale AleHunter Beer CoAmerican Pale AleN.S.W.
3.5Punk'in DrublicCoronado Brewing CompanyPumpkin / Yam BeerCA
3.5Abbey DubbelFlying Fish Brewing CompanyBelgian DubbelNJ
3.5Raj IPAFour Peaks Brewing CompanyEnglish IPAAZ
3.5Rogue Farms OREgasmic AleRogue AlesAmerican Pale AleOR
3.5Amarillo IPABarrio BrewingImperial / Double IPAAZ
3.5Mirror Pond Pale AleDeschutes BreweryAmerican Pale AleOR
3.5RangerNew Belgium Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
3.5Dubbel FistedIron Fist Brewing Co.Belgian DubbelCA
3.5Chainbreaker White IPADeschutes BreweryWhite IPAOR
3.5Short Shorts Session IPAHistoric Brewing CompanySession IPAAZ
3.5Amber ala AlaskanWhite BeerAmerican Amber / Red Ale
3.5Face PlantLost Rhino Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAVA
3.5Space Needle Golden IPAThe Pike Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWA
3.5Local Fields Series: WarmerHangar 24 Craft BreweryWinter WarmerCA
3.5Good Vibrations IPAThunder Canyon BreweryAmerican IPAAZ
3.5India Pale AleMountain Goat BeerAmerican IPAVic.
3.5Inversion IPADeschutes BreweryAmerican IPAOR
3.5Woods-y WinterPeoria Artisan BreweryWinter AleAZ
3.5White AleFour Peaks Brewing CompanyWitbierAZ
3.5Spaten Oktoberfestbier / Oktoberfest Ur-MärzenSpaten-Franziskaner-Löwenbräu-GruppeOktoberfest/Festbier/Märzen
3.5Industrial IPADiamond Knot Craft BrewingImperial / Double IPAWA
3.5Barney Flats Oatmeal StoutAnderson Valley Brewing CompanyOatmeal StoutCA
3.5SidekickTwo Brothers Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale AleIL
3.5Pale AleLittle Creatures BrewingAmerican Pale AleW.A.
3.5Salted Belgian Chocolate Stout (Lips of Faith)New Belgium Brewing CompanyStoutCO
3.5SantiagoDragoon Brewing Co.Vienna LagerAZ
3.5Double PilsnerOdell Brewing Co.Imperial / Double PilsnerCO
3.5American Wheat IPAFate Brewing Company (Arizona)American IPAAZ
3.5IPAFATE Brewing Company (Colorado)American IPACO
3.590 ShillingOdell Brewing Co.Scotch Ale / Wee HeavyCO
3.5Stone Smoked PorterStone Brewing Co.Smoked BeerCA
3.5Nut Brown AleAleSmith Brewing CompanyEnglish Brown AleCA
3.5Brewmaster's Reserve Imperial Red AleBJ's Restaurant and BrewhouseImperial / Double Red AleCA
3.5Rumble Oak Aged India Pale AleGreat Divide Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
3.5PranqsterNorth Coast Brewing CompanyBelgian Blonde / GoldenCA
3.5Tartan 479Dragoon Brewing Co.Belgian Blonde / GoldenAZ
3.5Payback PorterSpeakeasy Ales & LagersPorterCA
3.5CoCoNut PorTeRMaui Brewing CompanyAmerican PorterHI
3.5Oberon AleBell's Brewery, Inc.American Pale Wheat AleMI
3.5DespairEpic Ales (Washington)Saison / Farmhouse AleWA
3.5Chateau Du PartiEpic Ales (Washington)Sour AleWA
3.5LigeroCigar City BrewingBlack LagerFL
3.5Norm's Raggedy Ass IPAGriffin Claw Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAMI
3.5SaisonFunkwerksSaison / Farmhouse AleCO
3.5Hellsgate Imperial Smoked SaisonArizona Wilderness Brewing Co.Saison / Farmhouse AleAZ
3.5Dubhe Imperial Black IPAUinta Brewing CompanyImperial / Double Black IPAUT
3.5Hercules Double IPAGreat Divide Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPACO
3.5Vortex IPAFort George BreweryAmerican IPAOR
3.5Coffee Double Oatmeal IPAFate Brewing Company (Arizona)Imperial / Double IPAAZ
3.5Anti-Hero IPARevolution Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAIL
3.5Imperial StoutPort Brewing CompanyImperial / Double PorterCA
3.5GritEpic Ales (Washington)Saison / Farmhouse AleWA
3.5YetiGreat Divide Brewing CompanyAmerican Imperial / Double StoutCO
3.5Devil DancerFounders Brewing Co.Triple IPAMI
3.5Denmark In The DesertArizona Wilderness Brewing Co.PorterAZ
3.5Arctic Saison (Batch #1)Grassroots BrewingSaison / Farmhouse AleVT
3.5Shake Chocolate PorterBoulder Beer CompanyAmerican PorterCO
3.5RPM IPABoneyard Beer CompanyAmerican IPAOR
3.5Old RasputinNorth Coast Brewing CompanyRussian Imperial StoutCA
3.5Barley And VineEpic Ales (Washington)Sour AleWA
3.5Drew Curtis/Wil Wheaton/Greg Koch Stone Farking Wheaton w00tstoutStone Brewing Co.American Imperial / Double StoutCA
3.5Double DBAFirestone Walker Brewing CompanyAmerican Strong AleCA
3.25Stone SaisonStone Brewing Co.Saison / Farmhouse AleCA
3Gale Force IPAScuttlebutt Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAWA
3Honker's AleGoose Island Beer Co.Extra Special / Strong BitterIL
3Castaway IPAKona Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAHI
3Hop On Or Die - DOA IPACervecería Mexicana S. de R.L. de C.V. (Tecate)American IPAGuanajuato
3Belgian WhiteShock Top Brewing Co.WitbierMO
3James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale AleMalt Shovel Brewery (Lion Nathan)Australian Pale AleN.S.W.
3Uncle JesseAle IndustriesSession IPACA
3Belgian WhiteBlue Moon Brewing CompanyWitbierCO
3SMTH RBL DIPA (Smooth Rebel Double IPA)Sonoran Brewing CompanyImperial / Double IPAAZ
3Ichtegem's Grand CruBrouwerij StrubbeFlanders Red Ale
3Cascadian Dark AleGhostfish Brewing CompanyBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleWA
3Tsingtao Draft Beer 11º (Pure Draft Beer)Tsingtao BreweryNorth American Adjunct Lager
3Premium LagerBluetongue Brewery (Pacific Beverages)Pale LagerN.S.W.
3Blanc De GoslarMother Bunch BrewingGoseAZ
3Asahi Super DryAsahi BreweriesJapanese Rice LagerTokyo
3OldTooheys Brewing (Lion Nathan)Dark AleNSW
3Ichiban (Ichiban Shibori)Kirin Brewery CompanyPale LagerTokyo
3Menabrea 1846G. Menabrea & FigliPale LagerBI
3White Water WheatGrand Canyon Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleAZ
3Sapporo Premium BeerSapporo BreweriesJapanese Rice LagerTokyo
3James Squire Stow Away IPAMalt Shovel Brewery (Lion Nathan)English IPAN.S.W.
3Shrouded Summit WitGhostfish Brewing CompanyGluten-FreeWA
3Dude Man WheatKulshan Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleWA
3Fretzy's Unfiltered AleThe Phoenix Ale BreweryEnglish Pale AleAZ
3Tail Chaser IPASleepy Dog BrewingAmerican IPAAZ
3Hunter KolschHunter Beer CoKölschN.S.W.
3Liquid BaconHunter Beer CoRauchbierN.S.W.
3Rebel Rider IPABoston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)Session IPAMA
3Snow Miser Spiced IPATHAT Brewery & Pub American IPAAZ
3Coconut Lime Blonde AleBlack Market Brewing Co.Golden AleCA
3Samuel Adams Hallertau Mittelfrueh IPA (Latitude 48 IPA Deconstructed No. 3)Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)American IPAMA
3Snow Wit White IPASierra Nevada Brewing Co.White IPACA
3Horseshoe HefeweizenOak Creek Brewing Co. HefeweizenAZ
3Galactic Pale AleSun Up Brewing CoAmerican Pale AleAZ
3Prickly Pear WheatBorderlands Brewing CompanyAmerican Pale Wheat AleAZ
3Hop Strike Black IPATommyknocker BreweryBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleCO
3RailSlide Imperial Spiced AleSanTan Brewing CompanyHerbed/Spiced BeerAZ
3Paulaner Oktoberfest BierPaulaner GruppeOktoberfest/Festbier/Märzen
3Yvan the GreatSierra Nevada Brewing Co.Belgian Blonde / GoldenCA
3JubelaleDeschutes BreweryWinter AleOR
3Autumnal Molé StoutSka BrewingStoutCO
3Abominable Winter AleMudshark Brewing CompanyWinter AleAZ
3Sweet Devil StoutCollege Street Brewhouse & PubStoutAZ
3Hoppy DazeCoronado Brewing CompanyBelgian IPACA
3Rebel RouserBoston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)Imperial / Double IPAMA
3Namaste (2014)Dogfish Head Craft BreweryWitbierDE
3Pumpkin Springs PorterGrand Canyon Brewing CompanyPumpkin / Yam BeerAZ
3Holiday Sleigh FuelO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryOyster StoutAZ
3Exit 4 - American TrippelFlying Fish Brewing CompanyBelgian TripelNJ
3Hard Root BeerConey Island Brewing CompanyRoot BeerNY
310 CommandmentsThe Lost AbbeyBelgian Strong Dark AleCA
3Noche Dulce Vanilla PorterBorderlands Brewing CompanyPorterAZ
3Coffee StoutGhostfish Brewing CompanyStoutWA
3A Little Sumpin' Wild AleLagunitas Brewing CompanyBelgian IPACA
3471 Small Batch IPABreckenridge BreweryImperial / Double IPACO
3Imperial Java StoutSanta Fe Brewing CompanyAmerican Imperial / Double StoutNM
3Milk Stout NitroLeft Hand Brewing CompanyMilk / Sweet StoutCO
3Pumking (2014)Southern Tier Brewing CompanyPumpkin / Yam BeerNY
3Ten FIDYOskar Blues BreweryAmerican Imperial / Double StoutCO
2.5Crown LagerCarlton & United BreweriesPale LagerVic.
2.5HeinekenHeinekenEuro LagerZuid Holland
2.5Amstel LightAmstel BrouwerijAmerican Light LagerZuid Holland
2.5Dieselpunk India Pale AleWinery Exchange, World BrewsAmerican IPACA
2.5Harp Premium LagerGuinnessEuro LagerIreland
2.5Long Hammer IPARedhook BreweryAmerican IPAWA
2.5Coors LightCoors Brewing CompanyAmerican Light LagerCO
2.5Premium LightJ. Boag & Son Brewing (Lion Nathan)American Light LagerTas.
2.5XXXX GoldCastlemaine Perkins (Lion Nathan)Golden LagerQld.
2.5Extra DryTooheys Brewing (Lion Nathan)Pale LagerNSW
2.5NewTooheys Brewing (Lion Nathan)Pale LagerNSW
2.5Victoria Bitter (VB)Carlton & United BreweriesPale LagerVic.
2.5Micro LightOak Creek Brewing Co. Pale LagerAZ
2.5James Boag's Premium LagerJ. Boag & Son Brewing (Lion Nathan)Pale LagerTas.
2.5Blacktop BlondeTailGate BeerBlonde AleTN
2.5Moosehead LagerMoosehead Breweries LimitedNorth American Adjunct LagerNB
2.5Peroni OriginalBirra PeroniPale LagerRM
2.5Pacifico ClaraGrupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.North American Adjunct LagerDistrito Federal
2.5SéanceMagic Hat Brewing CompanySaison / Farmhouse AleVT
2.5Forty-ninerOak Creek Brewing Co. Golden LagerAZ
2.5Fireman's Brew Blonde BeerFireman's BrewPilsnerCA
2.5PilsnerRedhook BreweryPilsnerWA
2.5Jever PilsenerFriesisches Brauhaus zu JeverGerman Pilsner
2.5Bad Water SaisonBad Water BrewingSaison / Farmhouse AleAZ
2.5CopperhookRedhook BreweryAmerican Amber / Red AleWA
2.5ESBRedhook BreweryExtra Special / Strong BitterWA
2.5DYNOLucid BrewingAmerican Pale AleMN
2.5Fireman's Brew Brunette BeerFireman's BrewDoppelbock CA
2.5Pêche Mel BushBrasserie DubuissonFruit BeerHainaut
2.5Genghis PecanClown ShoesAmerican PorterMA
2.5Ojo BlancoDragoon Brewing Co.WitbierAZ
2.5IceyPAOskar Blues BreweryAmerican IPACO
2.5Black Panther IBAPrickly MosesBlack IPA / Cascadian Dark AleVic
2.5Guinness DraughtGuinnessIrish Dry StoutIreland
2.5Samael's Oak-Aged AleAvery Brewing CompanyEnglish Strong AleCO
2Brown AleNimbus Brewing CompanyEnglish Brown AleAZ
2Corona LightGrupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.American Light LagerDistrito Federal
2Dos Equis AmberCervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma S.A. de C.V.Vienna LagerNuevo León
2Pure BlondeFoster's GroupPale Lager
2SolCervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma S.A. de C.V.North American Adjunct LagerNuevo León
2Ginger BeerHunter Beer CoGinger BeerN.S.W.
2Red StripeDesnoes & GeddesNorth American Adjunct Lager
2Peroni Nastro AzzurroBirra PeroniEuro LagerRM
2Buzz Bomb IPADesert Eagle Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
2Lemongrass SaisonMaui Brewing CompanySaison / Farmhouse AleHI
2The Audacity of HopsCambridge Brewing CompanyBelgian IPAMA
2Petrus Aged PaleBrouwerij De Brabandere (Bavik)Sour AleWest-Vlaanderen
2Brooklyn Local 1Brooklyn BreweryBelgian Strong Pale AleNY
2Schneider Weisse Unser Aventinus (TAP6)Weisses Bräuhaus G. Schneider & SohnWeizenbockBavaria
2Black Ops (2014)Brooklyn BreweryRussian Imperial StoutNY
1.5Bud LightAnheuser-BuschAmerican Light LagerMO
1.5Miller LiteMiller Brewing CompanyAmerican Light LagerWI
1.5Michelob ULTRAAnheuser-BuschAmerican Light LagerMO
1.5Dos Equis Special LagerCervecería Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma S.A. de C.V.North American Adjunct LagerNuevo León
1.5IPAIpswich Ale BreweryAmerican IPAMA
1.5Witbier EvolutionHunter Beer CoWitbierN.S.W.
1.5Stella ArtoisStella ArtoisEuro LagerVlaams-Brabant
1.5The Kimmie, The Yink & The Holy Gose AleAnderson Valley Brewing CompanyGoseCA
1.5Sweet Baby Jesus!DuClaw Brewing CompanyAmerican PorterMD
1.5Barrel Aged Golden SourFate Brewing Company (Arizona)Sour AleAZ
1.5Bourbon County Brand StoutGoose Island Beer Co.American Imperial / Double StoutIL
1Getting Stout DoneO.H.S.O. Eatery & nanoBreweryStoutAZ
1Out of Your GourdRedhook BreweryPumpkin / Yam BeerWA
1ChaiderSchilling CiderCiderWA
0.5BudweiserAnheuser-BuschNorth American Adjunct LagerMO
0.5Ol' Loco IPABorderlands Brewing CompanyAmerican IPAAZ
0.5Habanero SculpinBallast Point Brewing & SpiritsAmerican IPACA
0.5La Folie (Lips of Faith) (2015)New Belgium Brewing CompanyFlanders Oud BruinCO
0Modelo EspecialGrupo Modelo S.A. de C.V.PilsnerDistrito Federal
0Stone Pale AleStone Brewing Co.American Pale AleCA
0IPA (India Pale Ale)Tap It Brewing CoAmerican IPACA
0Warrior IPALeft Hand Brewing CompanyAmerican IPACO
0Red DevilCoronado Brewing CompanyImperial / Double Red AleCA
0Ruthless Rye IPA (2013)Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.American IPACA
0Hop Rod Rye™Bear Republic Brewing Co.American IPACA